Time for another quicky two-week KickStarter!

We are trying to switch our sticker production fully over to laser-cut sticker sheets, but getting a full, starting-batch is pretty expensive!
So we’re hoping you will help!

The stickers up for re-print are by Shy Custis, Coey Kuhn, and RJ Britton! Through this KickStarter, we’re offering sets cheaper than we sell them normally, and basing prices by the sheet instead of by the sticker count.
Also, just for the KS campaign, we are including the BioShock 1 & 2 set we normally don’t sell online!

Please help if you can!

WE’RE ALMOST THERE! Please help if you can!

9 days left! Let’s do this!



I just realized something really sickening about Snape asking Voldemort to kill her James and Harry Potter and spare Lily because he desired her…

Not only would Lily have witnessed the murder of her child (imo one of the most horrible things that you can do to a mother), Voledmort would probably have taken her hostage and given her over to Snape as a sort of property. And I’m pretty sure Snape wouldn’t have objected to that.

This is why whenever anyone tells me that Snape was good at the end, I tell them to fuck off! He was doing everything for very VERY selfish reasons. The only reason he sided with the good AT ALL is because Voldy killed Lily

So I’m writing a story, I’ve been writing said story for a while, I’m slow at this stuff. I’m the person I’m writing it for and I’m a bad muse. Anyway, like most of my stories it started off as a love story, and it has quickly, to my great joy, become a very feminist story. Oh god I love it so much! If you want to read any, let me know, I would love to share and stuff :)